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About the Public Transportation Unit

The Public Transportation Unit was created to ensure the proper governance and regulation of the public transportation system in the Cayman Islands.

Who are we?

The Ministry of District Administration, Tourism & Transport (DATT) has responsibility for District Administration, Tourism, the Public Transport Unit, and the National Weather Service. As the body responsible for the Public Transport Unit, the Ministry is responsible for oversight of the strategic management, finance and administration of transportation services in the Cayman Islands.


In addition, the Ministry oversees on behalf of the Minister the performance of the following statutory authorities and Government companies: Tourism Attractions Board, Cayman Airways, Cayman Turtle Centre, C.I. Port Authority and C.I. Airports Authority.


To govern timely, efficient and reliable public transport for all residents and visitors in the Cayman Islands for a fair and consistent price.


Public Transport Unit

Governed by the Traffic Law (2011), the Public Transportation Unit was created to ensure the proper governance and regulation of the public transportation system in the Cayman Islands.


Public Transport Board

The Board consists of the Director of Tourism as Chairman, the Commissioner, the Director of the Port Authority, the Director of the Civil Aviation Authority, The Chief Officer of the Ministry of DATT and four other members appointed by the Governor in Cabinet. Under its remit, the Board is responsible for issuing permits for the operation of public passenger vehicles, ensuring that public passenger vehicles are adequately staffed and resourced to meet customer needs, assuring the safety of operators and riders, as well as the creation and implementation of an innovative strategic plan for building a five-star public transportation infrastructure for success.


Five Year Strategic Plan

Public Transport Board’s (PTB) Five (5) Year Strategic Plan is based on seven strategic goals:


To enhance the Public Transport Unit with strengthened leadership and direction.


Strategic & Future Planning:

Development of a sustainable master public transport system.


Education & Training:

To promote the Public Transport Unit as facilitators of excellent public transport service where users understand and are inspired to use the system frequently.


Human & Financial Resources:

To ensure that the Public Transport Unit is adequately staffed and resourced to meet increased customer and internal demands.


Internal Stakeholder Engagement:

To ensure that all relevant agencies are actively working together on a Master Transport Plan and to resolve public transport issues.


External Community Engagement:

To make public transport easily accessible to visitors and residents.



Embrace advancing technologies to create an effective system.


Monthly Transportation Ambassador

The Public Transport Unit is pleased to announce the creation of a new acknowledgment for operators, Transport Ambassador. The goal of this monthly acknowledgment is to highlight operators who have created an exceptional CaymanKind experience for the traveling public.


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